A Restaurant Management System is a term for software that helps streamline all the operations of eatary business. Namely, restaurants, bars, bakeries, cafes or delivery businesses.
It combines all things that are good about the traditional POS (Point of Sale) systems. It also has tools that manage your table reservations, streamline inventory management, handle billing, provide actionable analytics, and also help with marketing activities such as CRM, loyalty programs, etc.

  1. Track Your Sales
    Restaurants handle a high amount of credit card and cash transactions.  So your restaurant management software should have the capability of keeping a track of all your sales. With this sales data, you can keep tabs on your all your items sold, which gives you the power to make smart decisions for your business.
  2. Digital but Simple Menu
    The menu on a restaurant management system should be easy to configure and setup. There are POS systems in the market that require you to contact support to make a menu change or if you are a programming genius only then you can do it yourself. Before buying a POS system make sure to see how a menu can be altered or a new item be added. If it is complex and time consuming, make sure to look at other options. restopos.me (a product of SMB Solution) is one such system that gives you the ability to add menu items or to make changes in the wink of an eye.
  3. Actionable Reports
    By going digital, there are chances where we rectify the mistake easily by looking at the reports. With each transaction being saved with accurate information, it helps restaurants generate financial statements accurately and fast. With all the data consolidated in one place, generating reports for your restaurant can be done in a click!
  4. Better Communication
    The perennial problem in running restaurants is that somewhere along the way, someone mixes up information. The result: an angry customer whose order is, if not wrong, remains unaddressed or improperly billed. A restaurant management system does away with this scenario. When waiting takes orders via a handheld device, that data is automatically transmitted to the cashier, so the right transaction is captured and billing is accurate. At the same time, the handheld device transmits the order items to the kitchen. This feature is highly achieved with restopos.me.

The role of a restaurant management system is simple. To do as much so that you don’t have to. You end up with a better experience with your software.
And that means, your customers have a better time.

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